HQWebinar Review & Bonus

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HQWebinar Review

Product Name: HQWebinar
Product Owner: Jai Sharma
Price: $47
Website: HQWebinar.com
The Verdict: 100% Recommended


What Is HQWebinar?

Imagine being told that you can earn good money, and respond to your customers’ inquiries even while you are sleeping. 

I assure you that your response will be cheerless because, from your childhood, you have been told by your parents and teachers to work if you must earn.

You may just conclude that what you have been told is one of those huge jokes people make. 

But, this HQWebinar review will not only prove that it is possible, it will further enable you to grab all other benefits you could get from using this unique application.  I know you desire to know.

HQWebinar is an innovative app with which you can broadcast, sell and maximize the potentials of your product and services to unlimited subscribers on all e-commerce platforms.

It is called HQWebinar because the app leverages on your existing Facebook Messenger.

It gets you ten times the free traffic and its autopilot features can help you sell and make money even while you sleep. 

It simplifies the conventional process through which products are sold or ideas exchanged on Facebook messenger.

When this unique app is deployed, you will automatically upsell via Facebook Messenger, which simplifies the process of converting visitors into Messenger subscribers.

HQWebinar auto-pilot system is one of the artificial intelligence technologies that receive customers’ messages, reads and analyzes and then replies to the messages.

I guess you now understand why I said you can work, sale and earn while you sleep.  Amazingly, Your money keeps flowing.

This product to some great extent has greater benefits when compared with the hitherto conventional way of social media marketing like email marketing, AdWords or Facebook ads.

Anyone in the business of online and e-commerce can benefit from the amazing offers of this app.

This great opportunity is for you if your business borders around affiliate marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, product selling, referrals and blogging business. 

Whatever your products or services are, you are sure to expose them to the knowledge and reach of customers and clients with the aid of HQWebinar, far much more than you could get without HQWebinar.

The great news about this product is its compatibility with all e-commerce platforms.

This unique and powerful innovation when activated is adaptable to all e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Volution, Weebly or countless other e-sales platforms out there. 

Using HQWebinar helps you fast-track your business growth and sales opportunity on all the e-commerce platforms of your choice.

Above all, it automatically imports thousands of products from Shopify and other platforms with just a click.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, with this powerful innovative product. 

Wherever platform your products and services are placed, with HQWebinar, you can be sure that they are receiving the right attention which leads to greater patronage.

How Does HQWebinar Work?

Don’t be scared, deploying HQWebinar does not take you ages to learn.  All it takes is for you to follow instructions below and then, you begin to reap the many benefits of using this app.

Step One:

Scroll to your Messenger Mix App and Link your existing Facebook account

Step Two

Add your Facebook pages

Step Three:

Do You have products for sale or messages you want your customers to know about the products you wish to sale?  All you just need to do is simply add the products and the messages.

Step Four:

Then go to the Facebook Chat software and add to your website. Observe how your products and messages will begin to receive attention across the globe.

Step Five:

You have nothing more to do than to watch how your products begin to sell.  At this point, you begin to earn money even while you are sleeping or doing other things. 

Your auto-pilot makes this possible, including giving auto-response to customers’ inquiries.

Who invented HQWebinar?

Jai Sharma

It was invented by Jai Prakash Sharma and Saransh Chopra.

They are digital marketing enthusiasts and highly successful software creators. 

A number of Jai Prakash Sharma’s products have been successfully launched on platforms such as Social Videos, eCom Gurukul, Press Builder, CrazyKala and Lead Funnel to name but a few.

Benefits of using HQWebinar

Any challenge posed has to a very large extent nothing to do with the product and application.  It has everything to do with your internet connection. 

The app is compatible with every form of device and smartphone that use internet services.  With HQWebinar, we only count the pros.

Are you worried that life revolves around the law of dualism?  Whatever has advantage has a disadvantage?  With HQWebinar, there is virtually no disadvantage.

Other benefits of using HQWebinar include:

  1. It automatically reads and replies to messages. This way, you don’t need to be always available to reply to messages and inquiries.
  2. It can import products from Shopify/Woocommerce sites with just a click
  3. Ability to self-establish an engaging conversation with customers using auto-pilot artificial intelligence
  4. Ability to send bulk messages via Facebook messenger to all customers and contacts in one click.
  5. It allows you to add your own products manually and start selling on Facebook messenger.


These are some key features and pros of HQWebinar

  1. No download or installations required
  2. Setup is easy and simple
  3. No prior knowledge or technical skills are required
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Backed by a refund policy


As earlier stated, if there is ever anything users can worry about, it is their internet connection. 

Users should constantly ensure they stay in a place with full internet services and that their devices are connected with a powerful internet connection.

The internet connection must be fast and stable because a disconnection may take you so much time to reconnect and get on with your sales. This is because time lost is money lost.


With HQWebinar, you can now maximize the opportunity to interact with buyers more efficiently and should the buyers have inquiries about your product, they could get a response at any time, any day through its auto-reply technology.